ATG Profile ApS has developed the company’s CSR compass according to the UN Global Compact’s main groups and principles.

  • Human- and workers’ rights

  • Environment

  • Quality

  • Anti-corruption

  1. We support and respect the protection of internationally proclaimed human rights within the corporate sphere of influence.
  2. We ensure that the company does not contribute to human rights violations.
  3. We maintain freedom of organization and recognize the right of workers to collective bargaining.
  4. We support the elimination of all forms of forced labor.
  5. We support the effective elimination of child labor.
  6. We support the settlement of discrimination in employment and employment.
  7. We support a precautionary approach to environmental challenges.
  8. We take the initiative to promote greater environmental responsibility.
  9. We encourage the development and dissemination of environmentally friendly technologies.
  10. We combat all forms of corruption, including economic exploitation and extortion.

Human- and worker’s rights
ATG Profile ApS works for diversity and equality. Equal treatment and equal opportunities apply to everyone, irrespective of ethnic or national origin, skin color, gender, sexual orientation, religion, political team, nationality or social origin.
We do not accept any form of mental or physical punishment, the threat of punishment, employment or work discrimination, workplace bullying, sexual or other harassment, forced labor or other forms of involuntary work.
Obligations vis-à-vis the employees derive from national legislation and agreements on social security are respected and respected. Salaries and other obligations will always at least comply with the requirements of national law, applicable agreements and generally accepted standards in the industry.
Child labor is not allowed under any circumstances. All employees must be over 15 years of age or have reached the age permitted for the job in question.
ATG Profile ApS respects the right of employees to organize themselves in unions of their choice, and we give the employee representatives the opportunity to perform their tasks.
We ensure active follow-up to the above through daily management efforts and both formal and informal communication across.
Management holds quarterly meetings where topics of relevance are reviewed and where all employees have the opportunity to speak.
We are constantly working to develop and modernize internal policies and procedures that ensure focus and action on the above.

ATG Profile ApS' mission is the development, production and marketing of sustainable, safety and buildability profiles for the construction industry.
All of our profiles must live up to our mission and we continuously optimize our sustainability requirements.
We must at least be a CO₂ neutral company.
We therefore work structured with environmental management. Specific and measurable goals are set for the environmental work, and these are continuously evaluated.
At ATG Profile ApS, our suppliers must demonstrate corporate social responsibility. Our supplier management procedure includes a written supplier agreement describing our, expectations and requirements for the supplier. We strive to create good and long-lasting partnerships with our suppliers, where we jointly develop the cooperation for the benefit of both parties.

Our products are developed and tested for a lifetime that at least meets our customers' system requirements. We use proven materials that are not harmful, and our products are 100% recyclable.
We document the properties of our products through reputable institutes and conduct continuous quality control of our suppliers.

ATG Profile ApS operates without corruption.
Our anti-corruption policy and its Code of Conduct reflect ATG Profile ApS' desire to maintain the highest standards of company integrity and ethics in relation to the way ATG Profile ApS operates its business and among ATG Profile ApS 'employees.
This anti-corruption policy and its code of conduct applies to all employees and all employees are familiarized with our anti-corruption policy and its code of conduct.

Adopted by the ATG Profile ApS Board of Directors, October 2019

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