SmartVP ventilation profile for ventilated and insulated façade systems

Ventilation profile for rainscreen cladding and insulated façade systems with reinforced plaster or mortar layer. SmartVP is developed in several standard dimensions and can be used for most mechanical or natural extraction or suction installations. The profile ensures that the ventilation between the outer wall and the inner wall is optimal and safe.

100% security against water penetration between reinforced plaster or mortar layers.
Eliminates crack formation around ventilation hole.
Optimizes constructability and safety between façade installation and ventilation installation.
SmartVP is invisible after installation and ensures a uniform plaster or mortar thickness.
Minimizes thermal bridges.

SmartVP is produced in environmentally friendly recycled plastic.
SmartVP has been tested and documented for use in all climate zones.

ATG Profile provides a 10 years warranty on Smart profiles according to the company’s warranty provisions.


ETAG 004


No.  Product
3.101 SmartVP ventilation profile 100 mm
3.102 SmartVP ventilation profile 125 mm
3.103 SmartVP ventilation profile 160 mm
3.104 SmartVP ventilation profile 200 mm


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